מחיר רגיל
215 NIS
מחיר מבצע
215 NIS
מחיר רגיל
220 NIS
לא במלאי
מחיר יחידה


הזמנת עציצים תתאפשר בהזמנה מראש 48 שעות, וזה בהתאם למלאי והעונה
לאחר ההזמנה אנו ניצור קשר טלפוני ונעדכן אתכם בהתאם

The king of the forest! This beautiful plant is not for everyone,  but whether you like it or not, one thing is sure, you can’t ignore it. The orchid is a great gift for almost any occasion and especially if you want the receiver to know you’ve spent money and thought into the gift.                                                                 

Light- Bright indirect light. A south or east window.                                                                                           

Water- once a week give the orchid a big amount of water and let it wash through the drainage holes. Don’t leave the orchid seating in water.                                                                                                                

Tip- continue to take care of your phalaenopsis after the bloom is over and it should bloom again next year.